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Saar Software is an integrated web development company. We have the expertise, experience and ability to solve complex business problems by understanding your business goals and strategic & marketing objectives by utilizing our technical knowledge, domain expertise, methodological processes, etc. Our highly-skilled team understands your business to deliver solutions that work for you.. We have developed customized and unique web solutions starting from simple corporate websites to eCommerce solutions, extensive web-based applications, CMS, etc across various industries spanning Publishing, Travel, Education, Entertainment, etc. We identify your needs, and accordingly design and develop optimal solutions that address your business, marketing and communication objectives.

We Offers:

Open Source Development

Do you want to own the code of application created for you without any encryption or compilation?
Do you want to save on expensive licenses and server requirements to run?
Do you need a secure and vendor free application?
If you answer affirmatively then you need Open Source Web Development.

Benefits of Open Source Web Development

Open Source is a Web Development methodology, which offers practical ownership or total accessibility to a product’s source code. There are several benefits of open source web development for instance:

It is costless: You don’t need to pay for expensive licenses or server requirements to run. In fact these are heavy initial investments in any web development project. Open source development also reduces your development time thus it saves in development costs too.

Ownership: Open source development offers total ownership of the code so developer can give and take codes to the other developers and hence gets benefited through various developmental techniques.

Flexibility: There is no encryption or compilation required, so any one can work on the code and set free the owner to take services of any developer who is qualified to do so. Besides this you can integrate your application with any platform or take help of add-ons so you can extend its functionality at any extent.

Auditability: The owner of the source code can cross check the security issues with other developers or QA and Testing team.

Community Support: Development of open source involves a whole community of developers, therefore, you can get support of this community whenever you need and solve your complicated problems too.

Hire Open source Developer from Saar software

If you think of getting the above-mentioned benefits of Open Source Web Development, immediately contact open source developer at Saar software, which is a leading open source software development company.

Saar software provides unique Open Source Web Development services, which includes web development using Joomla, Drupal and WordPress as CMS integration. We have expert team of Joomla, Drupal and WordPress Open Source Developer and Programmer to provide you tailor made solutions as per your requirements and business needs.

At Saar software you will get following open source development:

WordPress Web Development: WordPress is an unbeatable blogging platform and a great plug-in to develop a content management system to maintain a website. It has tremendous capacity to customize with the capability to run an entire website.

Drupal Web Development: Drupal is an open source software, especially made for content management system (CMS) framework, written in PHP and have support of a community of open source developers around the world. The PHP source code for Drupal is available at no licensing costs at all, which saves both time and money.

Joomla Web Development: Joomla Web Development Services at Saar software offers you the best possible solutions to your needs based on web, Desktop, etc. Joomla is one of the most power full Content Management System (CMS). It is an open source solution that can be used willingly and is liberally available to every person hence it is cheap for any development.

Feel free to contact our Business Development Executive to know more about Open Source Web Development services.

E-commerce Solution

Telling websites make more business. Websites that sell products are highly interactive and entice the visitors at the first look.

Today, customers sitting in remote corner can business anywhere, anytime across the globe. The tool of e commerce has revolutionized the form of business in modern times, making it more fast and easy.

Online business has augmented the rise of huge transactions taking place every second all over the planet. Feasible and ingenious, we offer you a wide array of high-end ecommerce solutions. One of the conspicuous features of our ecommerce solutions is that we try to give utmost attention to the details either furnished by the clients or analyzed by our seasoned ecommerce professionals. This unique feature has given us an extra edge over our competitors. Being fully aware of the latest developments of this field, we can offer our clients the very best ecommerce solutions in accordance to their specific requirements.

We excel in organizing ecommerce systems in Microsoft based solutions such as ASP and ASP.Net with MS-Access/ MS-SQL and also ecommerce systems built on other platforms such as Linux, PHP and MySQL. We facilitate businesses to realize goals by empowering customers to complete purchase transactions with ease and confidence through our end-to-end ecommerce solutions.

Advantages of Ecommerce Solution

  1. Easy and smooth running of the transaction process
  2. It ensures secure and safe transaction

Our team of seasoned e commerce solution providers deliver you with all aspects of ecommerce strategy and online shopping cart development, such as content management, order processing, transaction processing, customer relationship management systems etc. We at Saar Software, offers highly customized e commerce solutions based on professional quality oscommerce solutions at affordable rates on basis of our customers need. We assure to provide the finest e commerce shopping cart solutions as our success belies on yours

Website Application Development

Saar Software has the extensive expertise, experience and resources to deliver full spectrum of Enterprise Application Integration and Application Development Services : Software applications, Web application or Custom application -that best suit our client's needs, budget, schedule and existing infrastructure.

We strive to focus on the customer and deliver solutions designed around their requirements rather than focusing on a specific technology and expecting the customer to adapt to the technology and platform of our choice. Outsourcing enterprise application development, integration and management to Saar Software, can help you, focus in achieving your strategic business goals.

Features of our Application Development Process :

  1. We dedicate a great amount of time in understanding your custom requirement and business.
  2. Plans, designs, builds, tests and implements applications within strict quality standards.
  3. fully integrating them into clients' business processes and system environments
  4. Special emphasis on scalable web application development.
  5. Delivery on time and within the budget.

Examples of Custom Applications we have developed :

  1. Custom Application Development
  2. Existing application maintenance and enhancement
  3. Application migration
  4. Web Application Development
  5. Portal Application Development
  6. Inventory Management and Content Management Tools
  7. E-Commerce/Shopping Cart and Customer Service Applications

Adverting Tracking, Subscription Management, Survey/Poll, classified, guestbook, calendar, message boards, job boards.

Our dedicated team has a unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience. We believe in developing long lasting business solution rather than just developing an application, which satisfies your needs for short period. Web Applications & Software application development at Saar Software are robust, scalable and secure.

In order to meet your customized application development needs, You can hire a dedicated developer or a team of dedicated developers from us according to your needs, on monthly contract basis

Please do have a look at our Portfolio to get the level of experience our software developers possess.