Online Marketing

Marketing online offers you the single most targeted advertising today along with the best insights and analytics you will ever get so you can be confident that your investment is money well spent. Get your complete online marketing plan for 2014 here.

Online Marketing can be classified as:-

Pay Per Click

The small ads placed besides the search engine results after a search under the heading of sponsored links is said to be under pay-per-click because the advertiser becomes obliged for payment only if the viewer clicks on the link displayed. Pay Per Click Advertising Pay Per Click Marketing or is supposed to be the best method for driving the traffic of visitors to your website in a short span of time. Having said this, it is necessary to point out that without proper PPC management services, you may invest a lot of money for naught.


What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a vital key in helping website owners establish their online businesses by driving more quality traffic for some years now, enabling companies to target the user audience they want with carefully written paid advertising campaigns that can be viewed in search engine results. We are an expert Uttarakhand Pay per Click agency who can manage all your budgets and campaigns for the lowest costs.

By placing paid ads on search engine result pages, business owners are able to target specific audiences online - whether it be geographically (e.g. UK only ads), through keywords (perhaps based around a product) or other categories. You pay only when someone clicks, so the better the ad the better traffic your site should bring.

What does this mean? Well it means if someone from the UK googles "white trainers cheap" or any such generic term, and you are a shoe shop with competitive prices, you can get a head start on your competitors by creating ads that target all the people that search for that exact term from the UK. The beauty of PPC is that it is a facet of digital marketing that is quicker and more direct that other mediums, enabling you to reach thousands if not millions of web users every single day. Pick the right ads and pages and you can go straight to the top of the search engine results - not bad for 10p a click!

You can sky rocket your ROIs (return on investment) with careful managed targets, especially for those in e-commerce, or give your campaigns goals and watch the conversion rates grow and grow.

Phone Conversion Tracking

We are one of the few SEO and PPC agencies to offer landing pages where prospective customers will see different phone numbers based on where they came from and what they searched for. This can then be used to pinpoint effective online campaigns that generate telephone calls. At the end of the phone call the operator will be asked if the phone call was a successful sale allowing us to track leads and sales against keyword groups and campaigns.
We can track visitors who come from natural search, pay per click advertising, email campaigns and all other forms of online advertising.

Corporate Marketing

Saar Softwareis uniquely positioned to provide you with all of the effective online and offline marketing tools you will need to watch your business take off.

We know it can sound overwhelming and confusing, just remember, this isn’t rocket science, but it is a science, and you do need to know what you need to do. The search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, need to know who you are so when someone is looking for you, they can find you. Again, not rocket science, just a science.

If you are good at what you do, or offer a service that people need, then Google needs to know that. And we know exactly how to tell them who you are and why they should tell people to look at you FIRST.

It is all about being on that first page isn’t it, and once you get them there it is all about the stickiness of the eyeballs looking, and getting them to the next point, to BUY your product or service, right??

Corporate marketing is a poorly defined role within most organizations, and it fluctuates as the organizational structure shifts from centralized to decentralized and back. However, regardless of the structure, it is time for corporate marketers to step up and fulfill three key purposes for the marketing organization: leadership, learning, and efficiency. Marketing leaders should sit down with their peers to define the responsibilities and success metrics of corporate marketing, then align the processes and job descriptions, and check that the department has the right skills to execute.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also known as online direct marketing. Under this process we send Online HTML Mailers and Non HTML Mailers to the peoples.

Saar Software has very good experience in designing and delivering the effective Email Marketing campaigns mailers to the interested national and international customers. At Saar Software you will have the option of choosing e-mail marketing, electronic newsletters and viral marketing.

The best benefits of Email Marketing Services are:

  1. Sending Electronic Marketing Mailers to the customers for enhancing customer relationship with the merchant.
  2. Sending Electronic Promotional Mailers to the peoples for getting new customers and to conveyance your old customers to buy the product and services as offered in the Email Marketing Mailers.
  3. Email marketing is fast if we compared this to other trendy media advertisement. Your Email will be delivered to your clients e-mail in a few seconds or few minutes.
  4. News Subscription services for the latest happening information by Email.
  5. Email Marketing is less expensive compared to other media expenses such as printed newsletters & direct mail .
  6. Email Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) is high .
  7. It's easy to track and manage your un-subscribed users.
  8. It is the strong and instant way to communicate with your targeting customers because the research reports that any businessmen's first task is to check their E-mails.
  9. These Promotional E-mails can be personalized easily.

Press Release

Engaging the best press release writing service is a key part of your business marketing initiative. This simple and short document delivers tremendous marketing power, generates new business, and gets your name in front of the public and in the search engines. To truly harness the power of the press release, you need a professional on your side to make sure you get the most out of it. Saar Software, a boutique commercial copywriting agency and press release writing service serving clients throughout the world, specializes in press releases that get results.

We go beyond the ordinary and obvious

A press release that doesn't capture the imagination doesn't get you very far. Our press release writing service goes beyond the basics. Starting with a thorough presentation of the facts, we go on to create a true sense of excitement, tell a story, and invite the reader to take action.

Always Unique

You'll find press release writing services that work by creating a book of standard boilerplates, issuing you a written question-and-answer survey, and then creating the release based on your answers. This is a limited approach. Saar Software sees each release as unique. The only way to create a press release that truly captures your unique value is to start with an in-person phone call. You can count on one of our consultants to take the time to learn about your company, what you hope to accomplish, and to make valuable suggestions as to how to best present your message.

Fast, affordable results

Saar Software offers a professional press release writing service, copywriting by seasoned industry veterans and PR experts, and affordable pricing. Here's a look at what you can expect:

  1. Revision cycles—Our goal is perfection. We always strive for perfection the first time around, but highly polished copywriting frequently involves revision cycles. We provide you with a ready-to-go draft for your review, and you'll always have an opportunity to request additions, changes and edits as needed.
  2. Quick turnaround—Announcing a new product? You have a production and marketing schedule to keep, and you can count on Saar Software to help you meet your schedule. Twenty-four hour turnaround is always available on request!
  3. Search engine optimization—Need help with SEO? Your press release can get the attention of the media, "A"-list bloggers, and the buying public. We'll provide the extra juice your press release needs, and work with you to make sure your SEO requirements are met.
  4. Personal attention —A press release that gets results needs to be created by a press release writing service that gives it personal attention. We start with a personal consultation—and we're always here for you when you need us.